Cylindrical dowel pin

Dowel pins are simple headless cylinders that are commonly used as joining and locating devices, pivots, hinges, shafts, jigs, and fixtures in machine tool fabrication. the high precision dowel pins are available in pull and plain design, We supply high quality manufactured dowel pins in hardened chrome alloy steel standards.

Taper dowel pin

A taper pin is a fastener used in mechanical engineering. They are steel rods with one end having a slightly larger diameter than the other. Standard inch-sized taper pins have a taper on diameter of 1:48 while metric ones have a taper of 1:50.

Internal threaded taper dowel pin

Internal Threaded Taper Pins are used for extraction of the pins more conveniently. Internal Threaded Taper Pins are made and supplied in soft condition (EN-8). They are manufactured as per IS : 3524 and DIN - 7978 / DIN - 7977.

Internal threaded cylindeical dowel pin

Dowels are solid pins, usually precision ground to narrow limits to permit accurate fitting. Precision dowels are traditionally used to hold parts together in a fixed alignment relying on the tightness of fit to stay in place. unhardened and through hardened steel to ISO and DIN standards.Internal Threaded Cylindrical (Dowel) Pin are for easy extraction, from blind holes. They are manufactured from C-40 material. Hardened Pins are manufactured from case hardened alloy steel.

Spring dowel pin

Tubular slotted spring pins are manufactured by progressive roll forming flat strips of high carbon steel or heat treatable 304 stainless steel. After forming, the pins are de burred to remove sharp edges, then heat treated to a spring temper. High-carbon steel spring pins are hardened to HRc 46-53 and 304 stainless steel spring pins are hardened to HRc 43-52.

Split pin

A split pin, also known as a cotter pin or cotter key, is a metal fastener with two tines that are bent during installation, similar to a staple or rivet. Typically made of thick wire with a half-circular cross section,